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Our Church Life pages represent some of the additional work that Christ is doing through us.  We have fellowship groups, young people’s groups and a ramblers groups to name a few, many of our activity leads are in church on a regualr basis and apart from the information on the pages in this section you can chat to us in church and find out more about the activities.

Church Life means a lot of different things to a lot of people, we would agree that the church family is an extension to our own family but also in a lot of cases can be very different.  Our church is very welcoming and we love to see both ‘new’ and ‘old’ faces, the welcome is the same for all.  It doesn’t matter what your background isor where you come from, God directs you to our church for a reason.  

Our various groups and prayers help us to grow in faith, increase our understanding and enable us to encourage each other through prayer and coming together around God’s word, the Bible, worship and witness to what God has done in Jesus.